Sport startup DashTag, one of the participants in the Startupbootcamp HighTechXL in 2015, raised 800,000 euros from various angel investors. The sporttech company uses that investment for the market introduction later this year in the Netherlands and the US. Product development, the recruitment of talented employees and the selection of rollout partners will be central to the startup in the coming months.

Personal FIFA game stats
“DashTag provides players with insight into personal statistics immediately after the match or training,” explains Dirk van den Berg, co-founder of DashTag. “And that in a way that is strongly inspired by computer games such as FIFA17 and FootballManager and channels like YouTube and Twitch. So with rankings, leaderboards, weekly challenges and updates. The data of the sensor consists of accurate measurements of sprints that are immediately visible on a smartphone via the sports bone that we designed. Just via your favorite platform, such as Messenger, WeChat or WhatsApp. ”

Link between football field and online world
“We saw a huge opportunity to use new technology to give each player, both amateur and professional, insight into his own sports data. That was not possible until now “, says Epco Berger, founder of DashTag. “The Dash is designed to provide immediate and real-time feedback to the players. One of our main goals is to bring more fun to football through new technologies. That is why we use insights from the gaming industry. For example, at DashTag we are the first sports company to make the link between the real soccer field and the online world very concrete. ”

Moreover, DashTag lays the link between the growing trend that athletes are increasingly using technology and a platform where players can compare themselves. Unlike tracking systems for professionals, DashTag focuses on the individual footballer. Each player manages his own data. The main features of DashTag:

  • Game-like statistics for each individual player.
  • Information immediately after the training or competition.
  • Unique sensor, which is worn without extra tools.
  • Very accurate sprint measurements, with low, medium and high intensity sprints.
  • Extensive player profiles, rankings and challenges.
  • The player himself is the manager of the data.

Expected market value of 4.7 billion
The rapidly growing demand from coaches for relevant information about players is a good indication of the potential of the market. One of the current investors emphasizes that the market is expected to reach a value of $ 4.7 billion by 2021. In its own words, the DashTag team is versatile and ready to take the leading role in this football analytics market.

DashTag was founded in Eindhoven in 2015 and moved to Rotterdam in early 2016. More information can be found at