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Sports contributes to a healthy society. And of course with this goes a financially healthy sports club. With this in mind, ClubCollect was founded in 2013. They make it extremely easy to collect the member contributions and to pay invoices. With the online tool it takes a treasurer considerably less time per month to receive the membership dues. ClubCollect is offered fully integrated in the platforms of the sports federations. ClubCollect differs from other companies in the field of, among other things, contribution collection and pre-financing of invoices paid in terms.

ClubCollect is a Dutch company with international ambition. Due to the success in the Netherlands, since early 2016 the services have also been offered in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

Under Horizon 2020 (European Commission), ClubCollect has won the prestigious Seal of Excellence award for the best innovative business model for Small, Medium Enterprise (SME).

including Velocity Capital

Adam Posma and Sytze Koolen

Founded in


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